What is TraScript?
TraScript is a modified version of mIRC, featuring an easy-to-use interface and multilanguage support.
This script is made for Omerta IRC and is configured to work with this by default, but it can be used on any other IRC network.
If you have any questions or suggestions, visit us in #trascript on the Omerta irc network (

Download TraScript Setup file (Including mIRC 6.35) (Approximately 1.8 MB)

MD5: 836c397fc2b3962cf9d1c1f120218333
SHA1: 13d1eaa92b3f17a895b1a71b1793e1ad9552a9da

Because of issues with the newest mIRC version, which forces you to pay after 30 days, we recommend you use mIRC 6.35 from the link above. We do however also offer a version with mIRC 7.1 included: TraScript Setup file (mIRC 7.1) (Approximately 1.9 MB)

MD5: 94b59ad2e4a105d22c7ef23db35a106e
SHA1: 8aee37e158fbba2c0961f60a7308581901788b30

Latest version: 1.0.2 (mIRC 7.1)

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